Monthly Archives: December 2006

Quick and Dirty Theorem Prover.

Wrote a very basic prover for theorems in propositional logic while waiting for a build to finish. Not terribly exciting, but should be relatively easy to extend to first-order logic and/or turn it into a constructive prover by adding a DPLL step. I’ve tested it on a proof by contradiction for the hypothetical syllogism ((a […]

How to talk to aliens.

I came across this on someone’s blog about a week ago, unfortunately I can’t remember who it belonged to. I recall seeing the press release back in 99, the idea was to a) come up with a message to be broadcast in the direction of nearby stars, b) devise a universal but error-correcting way of […]

Non-standard analysis, automatic differentiation, Haskell, and other stories.

Having recently come across a method for automatic differentiation on sigfpe’s cornucopia of amazingly cool stuff masquerading as a blog, I decided to start playing around with it a little to see what might come out. So, let’s say we take the standard definition of the derivative, , look at it for a bit, and […]

Hello world!

Codeland is now live.