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Feistel Ciphers and DES in Haskell.

Occasionally, I like to pick a random interesting topic that’s entirely unrelated to my work, and read up on it. Recently, it has been polynomial factoring and computer algebra in general, which I’d like to post about when I have the time. As a side note, I’ve also been meaning to write a quick expository […]

Arithmetic coding

I really did not intend this blog to become a repository of Haskell code snippets, but I’ve been rather busy as of late, and writing toy code while waiting for a compile to finish has somehow become my primary means of entertainment. Here is the latest. Arithmetic coding is a remarkably simple and clever thing. […]

Non-standard analysis, automatic differentiation, Haskell, and other stories.

Having recently come across a method for automatic differentiation on sigfpe’s cornucopia of amazingly cool stuff masquerading as a blog, I decided to start playing around with it a little to see what might come out. So, let’s say we take the standard definition of the derivative, , look at it for a bit, and […]